“I won’t give up. Even if the skies get rough.”
― Jason Mraz
Almost their future USRN!


Authorization to test or ATT is a confirmation for applicants who may schedule the NCLEX exam on the date of their choice within the validity periods listed on ATT. For the state of New York test validity is for 6 months. New York has unlimited takes. The application is valid until you pass. NO EXPIRY of test validity. After 5 years, you just need to update the Form 1 (without payment) through mail.

From my own experience, I had a hard time to request for my AUTHORIZATION TO TEST . After 48 hours of Registration to Pearson Vue here’s my trick so you could have your ATT earlier.


Steps to follow for Issuance of ATT

  1. Registered at Pearson Vue
  2. After receiving my e-mail confirmation/ registration acknowledgement, email: – Message, Name, DOB and Invoice No, attach screenshot of eligibility and confirmation of payment from pearson vue.
  3. After 48 hours and no reply, I emailed same message and details and I attached my Pearson Vue Confirmation of Payment, NCLEX Registration Acknowledgement, NCSBN Exam Details and NYSED Eligibility Approval E-mail.
  4. I also  used Contact Us: Look for ATT then provide the same message and Attachments.
  5. Received my ATT in less than 24 hours.

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