Two Mandatory Course – Child Abuse Certification and Infection Control Certification




  1. How many days is the Certificate valid? Answer: 60 Days
  2. How many items in each? Answer: 30 Items
  3. How long is the examination? Answer: 30 Minutes
  4. How long can you study the course? Answer: No time pressure on reading the course, only time starts when you click the Start Exam button.
  5. What is the passing rate/score? Answer: 80% or 24 of 30 Items
  6. Can we retake the exam? Answer: Yes. You can retake the examination for free once. If you fail twice, you need to pay for the course again.
  7. Will the examination show the correct answer of the question? Answer: No. The test will just show a check or x mark for your answers if it’s right or wrong.
  8. Are the questions the same if we retake the exam? Answer: Yes, questions are the same yet the sequence of the questions are rearranged.
  9. How to send a copy of certificate to NYSED? Answer: Click the button “Show the Certificate”, print it and have a scan copy, this will be attached on your Form 1.
  10. How much does it cost? Answer: A range from $12 to $45 per course.



  1. Comply the Two Mandatory Course (Child Abuse Certification and Infection Control Certification) before  accomplishing the Form  1 (Application for Licensure for Registered Professional Nurse)
  2. Save a personal copy of the Certificate, better be sure just in case.
  3. If you failed the exam for the first time, have a copy of your correct and incorrect answer. For the correct answers, you can readily copy it to the questions. While for the incorrect one, you can search the accurate answer to the examination ahead of time before you retake the 


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